Since its inception, the company keeps being ran in a family business model with an intimate connection to the land and the traditional knowledge of the region.

Quinta do Pizão

Quinta do Pizão Sociedade Agrícola de Grupo, Lda was founded in 1987 by Augusto Barardo and Hidalgo Barardo together with Cecília Barardo, the matriarch of the family, in Cadaval, west of Portugal. Since its inception, the company keeps being ran in a family business model with an intimate connection to the land and the traditional knowledge of the region.
The company has its own orchard area with a total of 60 hectares and is steadily increasing production, estimating to reach 100 hectares by 2020.
To complement its fruit supply, it annually contracts the production of other fruit growers in the western region of Portugal, to whom it provides technical assistance in the field, in order to guarantee the quality standards demanded by the market.
The fruit is calibrated, packed and preserved at the Quinta do Pizão plant, whose conservation capacity is 2200 tons in conventional cold and controlled atmosphere.
Quinta do Pizão provides the Portuguese market, with its largest customer since 1988 being the largest Portuguese retailer - the Jerónimo Martins Group, which owns the Pingo Doce and Recheio food distribution chains.
The export accounts for 30% to 40% of the company's turnover annually, with France, Brazil and Morocco as main destination markets. The diversification of the distribution channels, as well as the reinforcement of internationalization, are the objectives set for the coming years in order to sell the production of the new orchards.


The orchards of Quinta do Pizão are located in the municipality of Cadaval and Torres Vedras, in the western region of Portugal characterized by a temperate Mediterranean climate, strongly influenced by the proximity of the Atlantic Coast which provides optimal conditions for the production of high quality fruit with unique characteristics.
The West is the main fruit region in Portugal. In this coastal zone, a few km from Lisbon, the art and tradition of fruit production is deeply rooted in the local people who combine the know-how transmitted from generation to generation through the years with modern techniques of orchard management.
Quinta do Pizão zealously takes care of its orchards to bring tasty and safe fruit to the consumer's table, throughout the year.



Our best fruit selection for the most demanding markets. The fruit packed with the brand Sublime is of category I presenting fruits of great caliber with a homogenous presentation and admitting a minimum of defects at the epidermis and format level.

Quinta do Pizão

Combining tradition and modernity we spoil the orchards from the first moment to harvest the fruit packaged with the Quinta do Pizão brand bringing you the best taste of our land.


The orchards of Quinta do Pizão are managed according to the principles of Integrated Production and are certified with the international reference of Good Agricultural Practices Global G.A.P.
With food safety in mind, we produce fruit with a minimum level of waste favoring environmentally friendly pest control techniques such as mass capture and sexual confusion.
In the plant, the quality control of the fruit is assured by a qualified technician from the reception to the dispatch of the fruit.